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CBORD Leadership

Asia-Pacific Team

With a mission to serve diverse industries and to deliver the best customer experience in the world, our leadership team is driven by passion, talent, and expertise.

Rich Imlay

General Manager, Asia-Pacific

Janet Leslie

Account Manager

Nigel MacDonald

Account Manager

Carmel Lazarus


Kirsty Maunder

Implementation Consultant

Daniel Lowe

Senior Software Implementation Manager

Jane Groves

Software Implementation Manager

Jordan Macey

Implementation Manager

Dion Mocsari

Software Implementation Manager


We are committed to creating and supporting world-class software and hardware products that improve the operating performance and competitive advantages of our customers.

Jim Hoefflin


Rob DeCarlo

Vice President, Accounting & Finance

Larry Delaney

Vice President, Strategic Alliances

Sarah Hayes

Vice President, Customer Care

Katherine Kay

Vice President, Human Resources

Nancy Sullivan

Vice President, Professional Services

Leo Umanskiy

Vice President, Product Development & Technology

Making an Impact Across the Globe

CBORD has succeeded with a single, strong, motivating principle: we serve our user community. We pride ourselves on providing the best customer experience developed over the years, with steadiness and sophistication.

Ultimately, our goal is to ensure every customer can improve their operations using CBORD technology regardless of size or onsite expertise.

What does CBORD mean?

CBORD means healthy eating initiatives for employees. It means spending more time with patrons, and less time waiting in line at the cafe. CBORD means benchmarks for improving service times, and data to inform strategic decision-making.




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We pride ourselves on the dynamic relationship between our team, our user community, and our network of carefully curated business partners.

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